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Eco-Schools Program

Eco-Schools Program

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Elementary School is dedicated to serving God as stewards of the Earth. As such, we are participating in the Ontario Eco-Schools Program facilitated by York University.

From the program
"Ontario EcoSchools was created by a collaboration of school boards by a collaboration of school boards and other partners to address environmental issues in the education system. Community partnerships, new and existing, have been enhanced with the framework that EcoSchools provides. Curriculum and action-oriented programs have become more effective with the EcoSchools focus on energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening and ecological literacy. Schools work with their community partners to bring a local "sense of place" -- developing personal meaning in their learning as they work towards the larger goal of making a positive contribution towards the Earth." (from

Taking Environmental Action
Students and staff of OLOA will be taking environmental action by holding Litter Less Lunches every Friday. Parent assistance is essential for Litter Less Lunches to be effective in waste minimization. You can help by packing student snacks, lunches and drinks in reusable containers. Please do not use any plastic bags, tin foil or wax paper to wrap foods or send juice boxes, plastic bottles or aluminum cans to school on Fridays. Every Friday will be Litter Less Lunch Day. Our Eco-Team will be monitoring the amount of waste created every day to track the effectiveness of our waste minimization attempts.

In order to promote energy conservation, we will hold a Power Down Hour from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every Friday. The hope is that by reducing energy consumption weekly, students will begin to take the initiative and continue this conservation at other times, and especially at home. This could translate to energy savings for everyone as well as a reduced load on our electrical infrastructure and consequent damage to our environment.

Students and staff will be made aware of these initiatives at our kick-off assembly on Monday, November 17th. These are our first steps. More initiatives will come during the course of the year.

In recognition for all our hard work, an extensive report will be submitted to Ontario EcoSchools officials and they will visit OLOA to conduct an audit of our initiatives. Certification is available for schools. There are three levels of certification: bronze, silver and gold. We're Going For The Gold!...knowing that we can count on everyone for your support.

January 2014 Updates
The classes are participating very well in our weekly Litterless Lunches. Congratulations to all the classes with 100% participation in Litterless Lunch Fridays!

On Wednesday, February 4, we will have an Eco-Assembly, during which time we will be visited by "Blue Box Man", who will review with the students and staff the correct items which are able to be recycled into the school blue bins. At this assembly, the Eco Team will initiate a school greening project and make arrangements for student input. Each class will be asked to make a sketch of the location and type of garden they would like to see planted on the school property. Every attempt will be made to consider all ideas presented.

Stay tuned for more updates!