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De-streamed grade 9 mathematics course begins in September 2021

De-streaming: What is it?

In streamed education systems, students select between applied and academic courses in Grades 9 & 10. Based on prerequisite mapping, applied courses typically take students on a pathway that leads to college or apprenticeships, while academic courses lead students on a pathway to university.

De-streaming removes the set pathways from Grade 9 & 10 courses, allowing students to make pathway decisions later in their secondary education years. De-streaming of courses provides more equitable education for all students to succeed, thrive and reach their full potential.

What is changing?
In September 2021, Ontario secondary schools will begin de-streaming courses starting with grade 9 mathematics (MTH 1W).

What to expect:
• Beginning September 2021, a new de-streamed grade 9 mathematics curriculum will be rolled out across all Ontario secondary schools
• Locally developed mathematics courses will continue to be offered
• The HWCDSB will continue to offer a mathematics preparation course for students who would benefit from extra math support, both during the summer and school year
• De-streaming in other subject areas is expected to follow

See the pdf download below for information on HWCDSB guiding principles, how and why schools are moving in this direction, and answers on frequently asked questions.

For more information on courses and pathways options, please visit

De-streamed grade 9 mathematics course begins in September 2021